Our experienced and highly skilled instructors are passionate about martial arts and dedicated to helping students achieve their goals, whether that's improving fitness and flexibility, learning self-defense techniques, or mastering martial arts techniques. We offer a range of programs to suit students of all ages and skill levels and specialized programs for children, adults, and seniors.  

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai chi chuan literally translates as "Supreme Ultimate Fist". It is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for self-defense as well as its health benefits. Forms are practiced with slow movements coordinating the body, breath and mind together. For more information click here.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun is known for its street combat effectiveness, if you are looking for a down-to-earth, sensible approach to real-life fighting and self defense then Wing Chun is the answer. The basic philosophies of the Wing Chun fighting system include centerline theory and straight line attacks. You will learn the concept of economy of motion and how this will quicken and focus your attacks. For more information click here.

Kids Kung Fu

This is a unique martial arts program recommended for children ages 7 to 14. The primary purpose of this program is to learn self-defense skills not forms to be performed at tournaments. Wing Chun is the core martial art taught in this program along with elements of traditional Kung Fu in a fun and safe environment. 

Kids Kung Fu Class

We teach Wing Chun and Shaolin martial arts help our students develop a better sense of focus, martial morality, and awareness as well as self-defense.
These classes are aimed to better organize our students and motivate them to further improve their skills! Over time they’ll develop greater knowledge in teamwork, problem solving, sportsmanship & communication through hands on experience, gamified exercises and physical challenges in a safe, comfortable environment! The opportunities to acquire these skills give students the chance to apply what they learn, in school, class and in life to stay healthy, safe and successful in real-world situations.

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Free Class (try out or just observe)

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